Wednesday, July 11, 2018

El Patio

I spent the day on the usual job hunt grind, albeit with some more positive responses.  I had planned to go last night to a beisbol game of the Pericos de Puebla.  However, just as I was going to leave, the heavens opened up and poured down on me.  I braved the rain for a bit because I knew it would pass at some point, but it lingered enough towards the game time that I decided to bail and would try a later day (like today).

Rather, I found a local spot around the corner called El Patio.  El Patio had some solid reviews online as good local food at a good price.  I found the spot, and sat down for a dinner of Tampiqueña.  It was a bit of a Puebla variation on the Tampico style.  The plate came with two chicken enchiladas covered in delicious chocolate mole sauce.  It had a helping of refried beans and a marinated flank steak covered in french fries, with some fresh warm tortillas on the side.  The meal was stellar.  The mole was the right sweet and savory; the steak was delicious, especially rolled up in tortillas with fries, refried beans and some guacemole  The whole meal including a beer came to 99 pesos ($5). 

Mexico, you treat me too well. 

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