Monday, July 09, 2018

Digital Nomads

The Washington Post had an interesting piece on Digital Nomads this weekend:
The 41-year-old native of Glasgow, Mo., gave up her six-figure salary and spent a year teaching English in South Korea. Now, in Medellin, she’s part of a community of digital nomads who have moved their lives and work to distant locales — often sun-soaked and always with a solid digital infrastructure — to take advantage of a lower cost of living.
I can definitely relate, given that I have been a digital nomad going on 6 years now.  Although my circumstances are a little different these days.  These days, I am being a digital nomad in Mexico to try to figure my way off the Road and back into the Good Fight.  But if things drag on, I may return to such digital nomadism.

Related to the article, I had spent a little digital nomading in Medellin, while I was working on the Next Level Colombia program in Cartagena, and can attest that La Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera is a great spot.  I had considered it as a place of refuge and exile, and may again.

One thing that slightly bothered me from the article is that she used a service to set herself up for apartment and cowork space.  I generally think such services are a rip-off, and  am more a proponent of doing it yourself, but who I am I to judge.

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