Thursday, July 12, 2018

Cómprame cacahuetes y crackerjack...

After the rain the day before, I decided to try again last night for getting out to a besibol game of the Pericos de Puebla.

It was a little cloudy in the evening when I started out towards Boulevard de Heroes de Publa to catch the little bus towards the stadium.  I waited a little bit in traffic before the right bus came, and whisked up and away towards the stadium.

I arrived and walked over to the ticket vendor.  I bought a general seat for 30 pesos ($1.50) in the outfield bleachers.  Only after did I realize that there was no cover over the bleachers and it was about to pour.

The evening rains came in, and soaked us.  I was outside the stadium, killing time over a beer in the parking lot.  I huddled under an overhang at the next door theater, drinking a Victoria mestiza (Ni oscura; ni clara--neither dark nor light as the slogan states) and waited for the rains to pass.  When it stopped pouring down, I made my way to the stadium to wait inside.

At the stadium, I waited for the rains to pass and grabbed some ballpark grub.  It was some of the best, cheapest ball park food I have ever had.  They had cemitas, the local sandwich specialty.  I got a cemita de polla, a thin, breaded deep-fried chicken filet covered in fresh-sliced and fried potato chips, onions, stringy quesillo cheese, jalapeno rajas anda avocado in an enormous seeded brioche.  The sandwich was immense, and only 50 pesos ($2.50) which is not that more than getting a cemita in the city.  I washed it down with an Indio beer--at the park, they don't have a tap but rather pour two bottles simultaneously into a souvenir cup.  It was 50 pesos ($2.50) for a 32 oz beer, as opposed to the obscene price of $15 for a similar size at Nats Park.   

And I wandered around the small stadium and gift store.  It was funny, they were selling Pericos de Puebla jerseys and hats that had similar "P" logo style to the Philadelphia Phillies.  And their opponents, the Saraperos de Saltillo reminded me a little of the White Sox logo style

After a long rain delay, the game finally began.  It was a lot of fun.  Little things gave me a chuckle like the Tercera Base (3rd Baseman) and Jardinero Izquierda (Left Fielder).  I recognized the name of one of the players, Delmon Young from the Tigers and Orioles.

Just for reference, the Mexican League is Triple A ball.  It was a lot like being at a minor league game in that you are much closer to the action.  Due to the rain, there was maybe 1k people if you include the concessions workers, and players on the field.  But it is fun to watch up close baseball.  Especially in such a small crowd, there was an strange quiet when the action stopped and no music was playing. 

And there was a cheering section that would play loud music and drums.  There was also an odd version of the music used for the Braves tomahawk chop only sped up with a more Mexican beat.

I even got a foul ball that bounced near me.  I ended up giving it to a little girl that was sitting behind me (F' you, Dad....).

It was a fun game, but I left after the 4th inning because it was almost 11pm due to the rain delay and I still needed to get back into town.  For those of you keeping score at home, the Pericos triumphed 9-4 over the Sasperos.

I made my way back to the main thoroughfare to try to catch a bus back.  I thought there might still be buses running my route, because I saw them coming the other direction.  But after waiting a while, I asked a woman and she explained that it had ceased running this direction--the buses coming the other way were ending their route.

So I hopped a taxi back into town.  The taxista and I chatted politics, Trump of course (el peor, the worst), and also AMLO.  He had supported AMLO and was hopeful that AMLO could clean up the corruption.  My ride back, a fifteen minute jaunt cost me 60 pesos ($3).  I may try to catch another game before I leave Puebla, or try to get to a CDMX Diablos Rojos game.

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