Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday Round-up

"The meeting’s central disagreements were over tariffs that Trump has imposed for false reasons. He claims that he’s merely responding to other countries. But the average current tariff of the United States, Britain, Germany and France is identical, according to the World Bank: 1.6 percent. Japan’s is 1.4 percent, and Canada’s is 0.8 percent. Yes, every country has a few objectionable tariffs, but they’re small — and the United States is not a victim here.

So Trump isn’t telling the truth about trade, much as he has lied about Barack Obama’s birthplace, his own position on the Iraq War, his inauguration crowd, voter fraud, the murder rate, Mexican immigrants, the Russian investigation, the Stormy Daniels hush money and several hundred other subjects. The tariffs aren’t a case of his identifying a real problem but describing it poorly. He is threatening the Atlantic alliance over a lie."
David Leonhardt, "Trump tries to destroy the West"

And other tidbits:

-The Doctors' Bill in a single-payer system:  some offsetting benefits for docs in a single-payer system such as increased happiness in working conditions and less billing hassles.

-The Buyback Economy and the next big bubble: fears that the Trump tax cut is creating a big financial bubble.

-The Resource Curse of Appalachia

-In Morocco, an imported team for the World Cup.

-Speaking of the World Cup, it appears Russia was acting just as shady as ever to procure hosting it. (and also this piece)

-A good piece on how Soros remains unwavering in his efforts.

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