Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Justice, or lack thereof

Today's Supreme Court ruling on the Muslim Ban is a travesty, borne out of an illegitimate president who installed an illegitimate Justice in a seat kept open in an illegitimate fashion. It will go down in American history among some of the most feckless rulings. Truly shameful.

For those that pointed to our institutions to save us from the Trump administration, as I said, I wasn't as encouraged.  I wasn't wrong.  Where have you gone, Justice Kennedy, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you....

The Supreme Court essentially just pretended that Trump wasn't president when it looked for ways around striking down the travel ban

Perhaps I am on the right side of the Wall, because Trump America is on the wrong side of history.

Jennifer Rubin in WaPo has a good commentary on the ruling, and its bait-and-switch compared to the previous ruling on religion in regards to the Masterpiece Cake decision.

And Mark Stern in Slate writes well on this travesty of a ruling in comparison to Korematsu.

As does this piece in Vox by Aziz Huq:

Three times in American history, the Supreme Court has been asked to speak to a law, neutral on its face, yet rooted in a popular hatred or intolerance of minorities.  
Three times, it has chosen to ignore the real reasons for the law.  
Three times, it has instead given a free pass to laws and policies predicated on discriminatory judgments that our Constitution supposedly bars.

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