Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday round-up

A whole bunch of articles I have been holding onto over the last two weeks.

A lot on Israel, Jerusalem and Gaza:

-The split between the Trump team and reality on Jerusalem and Gaza.

-The racism of blaming Palestinians for their own deaths in Gaza.

-The connections of Zionism and the founding of human rights

-The line between criticizing Israel and spewing anti-Semitism.

-the disturbing connection between the Evangelicals who supported Apartheid South Africa and their support of Israel today.

-How Bibi needs conflict to survive.
Of course, a bit of the ongoing Trump circus and reverberations in American society:

-The former German FM Joschka Fischer on the collapse of the American order in the wake of Trump. 

-Meanwhile, the old/new conflicts that may result amid American indifference to global leadership.

-And the coming collapse in American society and the rise of the American aristocracy. Perhaps in part because the American public is so often tricked on the real sources of violence and instability.

-And looking at Roman economic activity and collapse etched in Greenland's ice.
Enough of the sandbox and the playpen, a bit of gastrodiplomacy:

-Eating without Borders in Nashville.

-The Late Show's Stephen Colbert weighs in on the Swedish Meatball revelation of its Turkish origins.

-How Indian curry is really a gastro-imperialist creation of British imagination.

And one last interesting piece on the disarming of ETA.

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