Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Gaza and Jerusalem

"I know, I know. It’s considered politically incorrect for me, as an American Jew who spent 15 years of my life in Israel and has recently returned to whence I came, to pass judgment on anything the IDF does.

How dare I? How dare you? How dare anyone who doesn’t live in Israel, who doesn’t live in a community bordering Gaza, who isn’t serving on the front lines right now, suggest we know the first thing about how to contain a riot or respond to a terrorist threat?

So if you’re offended by the very notion that I dare say these things, it won’t matter that I’ve witnessed massive protests in a few different countries on this planet, and feel confident that there is more than one way to contain an angry crowd.

I recognize that this is a flawed analogy on many levels. Mahmoud Abbas is no MLK and Ismail Haniyeh is no Mahatma Gandhi...Protesters in Gaza lobbing rocks and Molotov cocktails or cutting through the fence are far from the textbook definition of "peaceful protesters" engaging in civil disobedience.

But neither do they present a lethal threat to 13 battalions of Israel army forces.

Indeed, to call every teenage protester a terrorist recruited by Hamas bent on murdering Israelis flies in the face of truth."
-Ilene Prusher, "Why is Israel using lethal force against the protesters of Gaza?"

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