Friday, March 30, 2018


"Mark Zuckerberg is Pharaoh.

I say this neither glibly nor lightly nor in jest: The company he runs, Facebook, is dedicated to ensuring that each of us becomes chattel—its to sell, trade, or use as it sees fit....

It’s time for this to end. It’s time for us to break free, and there’s no better time than Passover to rise up and walk out of the house of digital bondage. Sadly, real liberation, given the power these tech behemoths hold over every aspect of our lives, is hard to achieve—as Stoller argued in Tablet earlier this year—and would likely require decades of erring in the wilderness to achieve. But if we want to truly honor the spirit of the upcoming holiday, we need to clean more than our kitchen cabinets. Social media is the chametz of the soul: Let’s swear off it for one whole week.

Imagine the pleasure: a week without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. A week without flurries of distraction, bile, or rage. A week without the weight of a predatory corporate entity trampling over yet another corner of human life into which it was never invited. A week, in other words, of real and sweet freedom.

No government liberated the Israelites from their bitter lot. It took a prince to raise his hand, his voice, and his people’s hopes. We can each be a Moses to our friends, both real and virtual, and log off for the week. We’ll still be in Egypt in April, but our call would be impossible to ignore or misinterpret: Let our data go."
Liel Liebovitz, "Let Our Data Go"

I'm liberating myself from social media for the Passover week.

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