Sunday, December 31, 2017

Twenty Seventeen

The sun sets golden across the Vancouver horizon, for a last time on quite a year that was, as ferries putter along the blackening False Creek 

A year that began in North Africa, ends in the Pacific Northwest.  The year saw a lot of time in North Africa, most especially Morocco but also my final international program in Tunisia and Algeria.

Much of the year was around the Mediterranean basin, with a nice stint in southern France and sojourns in Spain.  Palma mostly, but also stopovers in Barcelona and Madrid for the first time in fifteen years.

The year ends in Vancouver, just off False Creek.  It ends with a cat on my lap.  For me, this was a Year of Cats.  I had multiple stints catsitting, and lived up to my name of Abu Hurayrah while caring for North Africa's streetcats.

It was a year of transitions, and that doesn't change as the new year begins.  But 2018 promises to be new and different from the years that passed, and that is exciting in its own right.

So long 2017, so much of you won't be missed but you definitely had your charms and moments.

Hello 2018, let's see whatcha got....

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