Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Round-up

-Britain unmoored: "Many Britons see their country as a brave galleon, banners waving, cannons firing, trumpets blaring. That is how the country’s voluble foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, likes to describe it. But Britain is now but a modest-size ship on the global ocean.

Having voted to leave the European Union, it is unmoored, heading to nowhere, while on deck, fire has broken out and the captain — poor Theresa May — is lashed to the mast, without the authority to decide whether to turn to port or to starboard, let alone do what one imagines she knows would be best, which is to turn around and head back to shore.

-A Conservative sucker born every minute: Why conservatives are more susceptible to believing lies

-How the myth of artistic genius excuses the abuse of women: "These men stand accused of using their creative positions to offend — turning film sets into hunting grounds; grooming young victims in acting classes; and luring female colleagues close on the pretext of networking, only to trap them in uninvited sexual situations. The performances we watch onscreen have been shaped by those actions. And their offenses have affected the paths of other artists, determining which rise to prominence and which are harassed or shamed out of work. In turn, the critical acclaim and economic clout afforded their projects have worked to insulate them from the consequences of their behavior."

Trump tell us he believes Putin, who is very insulted. Trump also tells the Japanese emperor that mass-shootings can happen anywhere.  Except Japan, which has never had one.

-Speaking of, Gun Violence in U.S. Cities Compared to the Deadliest Nations in the World: Los Angeles is to the Philippines what Detroit is to El Salvador what Miami to Colombia.

-Gerrymandering continues to save Republicans from drubbings. This, from Virginia, is what gerrymandering does to elections:  "Democrats also swamped the GOP in the state’s House of Delegates races, winning the aggregate vote in those contests by a similar 9-point margin. Most news outlets spun that House of Delegates margin as a Democratic triumph—a “tsunami election” that swept away what had been seen as an ironclad Republican majority. Yet pending a handful of recounts, Democrats seem poised to take just 50 of the chamber’s 100 seats. This 50–50 deadlock may prevent the party from securing the advances it campaigned on, particularly the state’s long-delayed expansion of Medicaid. Democrats rode an electoral wave to a legislative impasse."

-Some good stories on Morocco and the Jews:
(1): Marrakesh
(2) Essouira

-It's fine to spend all your money on travel, says Science....

-And finally....

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