Sunday, November 19, 2017

Amsterdam Vignette

A blueberry blue morning.
Crisp and cold in fair Amsterdam.
The late-morning light warms the
autumn colors of the tree-lined canal.

The Sunday morning church bells ring
across Centraal Station.

I found a free ferry
across to
North Amsterdam.

Lost in Amsterdam autumn blossom
forests shimmering in yellow
and light green.

A fairy ferry and a double rainbow.
A stellar colored crescent
across Amsterdam's
northern visage.

Because Amsterdam.

Blueberry yumsum
all across the
sun-kissed canals.

An afternoon artist's view
of the city:
towering red brick church
with light-blue cupola spires
ringing the afternoon chimes.

The gilded red brick
Centraal Station
is refulgent
in the afternoon light
and white cloud backdrop.

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