Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday Round-up

“The paradox is that on one hand, members of this generation don’t want to be ruled by the company. They want to have a life,” said Carolyn Cartwright, senior vice president of human resources for SunTrust Bank. “On the other hand, they’re impatient waiting for job promotions and want all the perks associated with ‘paying one’s dues.'”
-Funny how the language that is used on Millennials us the exact same that was used regarding GenX:

-Forks over knives: the recent history of the semi-recent invention, the fork.

"Netanyahu wants the right to speak as the representative of all Jews. But in America and Europe, he's abandoned all pretense of solidarity with them"
-How Bibi betrayed the Jews

-Morocco is working with the U.S. Holocaust Museum on Holocaust education.

-Why the Republicans secretly yearn for a Hillary presidency.

-A great perspective on privilege in a very tangible manner. 

-How to explain to your kids what is going on in Trump America, Soviet-style.

-On racial profiling at the airport.  Can't wait to come back for Thanksgiving with my beard....

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