Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday Round-up

"The embarrassing decision to leave UNESCO was made at the same time the agency elected its new director general, Audrey Azoulay. France’s former culture minister, she is the daughter of Andre Azoulay, adviser to the king of Morocco, a most impressive and noble statesman, a Moroccan Jew who fought all his life for a just peace in the Middle East, a true friend of Israel. He is ten times more concerned about Israel’s fate than Trump and Haley together. We may presume that the new UNESCO director-general has absorbed her father’s values. Now she will head the agency without the United States and Israel, who are isolating themselves to bits."
-Gideon Levy, "America and Israel against the World"

-The Roots made a re-make of Schoolhouse Rocks:

-How to fix gerrymandering via proportional representation.

-Mayim Bialik on being a feminist in Harvey Weinstein's world

-How Big Pharma spiked DEA enforcement in the Opiod Crisis

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