Sunday, October 08, 2017

Sunday Round-Up

-How computers turned gerrymandering into a science.

-Some history and iconoclasm of Babe Ruth's famous "Called Shot."

-Why AP courses are a scam.  Having taken a couple AP courses (US History, European History), and plenty of college courses, I would agree that they are not remotely equivalent.

-An interesting article on how KFC is targeting Africa, Ghana in specific in this article and it is increasing obesity in the continent. And apparently USAID and the Gates Foundation helped this development.

-My old friend Emily Barson, who served in HHS as external director for outreach for Obamacare during the Obama administration, was on Weekend Edition this morning to discuss the Trump administration's sabotage of outreach efforts and what her organization Get America Covered is doing to get the word out for Obamacare enrollment.

-And finally, the "We Love Lamb" commercial that is either heavenly or sinful depending on your sense of faith

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