Sunday, October 01, 2017

Sunday Round-up

-Apparently hummingbirds are little gods of war, and the mantis shrimp of the skies....

-The magic of "untranslatable" words like frisson or treppenwitz

-Don't get lost in the Trump Fog Machine....

-Apparently, the best source of creating equality is devastation and destruction. So maybe we should follow the ends of climate change deniers as a means to creating more equality in society? Wouldn't that be a kicker--we flood the world due to climate change and in the end make it more equal.

-Interestingly, Libertarians and the alt/right have a lot in common.

-Why Corporate America is much worse than it used to be.

-How we would cover the situation in Puerto Rico if it were in another place.  And a primer on PR in the first place.

-When Della met Gnawi: a magical OneBeat collab featuring Della Mae's Courtney Hartman and Mehdi Qamoum from Morocco

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