Sunday, September 03, 2017

Sermon on the Soap Bubble

"Who else but God gave man this sensuous passion, love that can spark mere dust to life? Revealing beauty in our Eternal Father's fashion. Ecstasy- far above earthly greediness and strife! Poetry, uniting All-One, all-brave, all-life. Who else but God? Who else but God? Love is like a willful bird! Do you want it? It flies away. Yet when you least expect its bliss, it turns around and it's here to stay! Poetry-Unity-Ecstasy-Love, evolving man above, above, above the ape! Only man, absolute clean, reciting poetry, enjoys hours of loving self-discipline."
-Dr. Bronner

Thank you Dr. Bronner, for this Sermon on the Soap Bubble. I filled my bucket with his 18-in-1 Lavender Soap as the Call to Prayer rang out across the city. Thank you Dr. Bronner, as always, for your excellent soap and your Sunday Laundry Benediction.

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