Sunday, August 20, 2017

On Boston; on Historical Preservation

On Boston, to quote the great Abolitionist Wendell Phillips--whose statue resides in Boston Common:
"Whether in chains or in laurels, Liberty knows nothing but victories"

If you want to remember the Civil War in concrete statues, then remove all the Confederate statues and replace them with Phillips, William Lloyd Garrison and Sojourner Truth. Let's remember the right side of history..

On confronting difficult history, from the National Trust for Historic Preservation:

Put simply, the erection of these Confederate memorials and enforcement of Jim Crow went hand-in-hand. They were intended as a celebration of white supremacy when they were constructed. As recent rallies in Charlottesville and elsewhere illustrate, they are still being used as symbols and rallying points for such hate today.

These Confederate monuments are historically significant and essential to understanding a critical period of our nation’s history. Just as many of them do not reflect, and are in fact abhorrent to, our values as a diverse and inclusive nation. We cannot and should not erase our history. But we also want our public monuments, on public land and supported by public funding, to uphold our public values.

H/T Abba. 

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