Thursday, August 03, 2017

Days gone by

I came downstairs to escape the heat, and saw Ahmed the hotel proprietor sitting at a mosaic table. He was eating sardines, and invited me to join.  Never one to pass up an offer, I sat down.

The sardines were covered in olive oil, salt and spices.   I picked my fingers into the meaty white flesh of the little fish, as Ahmed explained to me how they had been cooked in the wood-burning bakery oven across the way.  The smokiness left hints on the oily, salty skin of the sardines, and in its tender meat.

Ahmed spoke to me of his travels, across North Africa and in Europe.  We chatted of la belle France. Of Lyon, where I need to visit.  He spoke of days gone by-- when one could hitchhike across a world without visas.

We sipped mint tea, and almond cookies as he shared with me about his favorite seasons in the mountain city--the autumn, in all her colorful glory.

Life is best enjoyed when we take the time to live it a bit slower, and savor its essence.

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