Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thoughts on Amsterdam

We arrived to the sun peeking out over the horizon.  Three-armed giants peeked out of clouds, anchored in the blue seas.

The sun cast its golden light across the skies as we entered the Neatherlands.  I beamed almost as bright as the rising sun as the daylight lit the windmill giants. Holland and its windmills always sloughs off all my stresses and strains.

We landed at Schipol Airport, docking past an auspicious sign that said: New Beginnings, Here I come.

As par for the course, I am mending tattered windmills in Amsterdam.  But it is a place of peace for me.

Amsterdam is always an unecumbered smile.

Some words of wisdom that I found on a found fortune cookie rang in my head through my long journey here.  I kept these words close to my heart:

"Everywhere you choose to go, friendly faces will greet you."

Some thoughts on Amsterdam:

-I am shocked that no one wears a helmet. Amazed, really.

-One of the things I love most about Amsterdam is its familiarity at this point.  My grandmother used to refer to impressionist paintings as "old friends."  Here in Amsterdam, I find "old friends" in canals,  colorful gingerbread houses, breakfast treats like warm onion cheese bread, kafe verkert and a cat named Figaro.

-If you don't know the Solillaquists of Sounds, look them up.  Especially their album, "No More Heros."

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