Friday, January 06, 2017

Rabat Impressionism

I woke up too early and in the darkness for no particularly good reason.

A morning jolt of anger that seethed but with no response.  Sometimes the lack of wifi is a good thing.

I walked out into the cold dark morning, through the empty medina towards the corniche.  I walked over to the kasbah to begin my morning corniche walk but the day was fogged in.  The street lights cut through the fog in what reminded me of the squid trawlers fishing in the Tsugaru Straits off Hokaido.

It was too dark to walk the corniche, as the clouds covered the surf.  So I turned the opposite direction--to find the sun's light slowly beginning to illuminate Rabat in its morning silhouette.

In the morning fog, everything  was darkened except for the lone minaret--its long rectangular body and tapered head of North African variety.

The scene looked eerily like a Moroccan starry night.  The muezzin's tower reminded me of the Tapei 101.

 Enveloped early morning fog, the the blue-and-white fishing boats gently rocking on the Bouregreg River reminded me of the ghats of the Ganges River.  Ah Mama Ganga, you are a long way from here.

But everywhere reminds me of somewhere.

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