Saturday, January 07, 2017


It's my birthday so that allows me a least one pontificating post.  Cane-shaking to

I'm starting to enjoy getting older again.

I did for so many years. Then I hit 29, and that changed for a spell.

Getting older got easier again, but now I am really starting to enjoy its perks.  How age wears down the jagged edges and leaves me feeling like a smoother stone.  Ever a rock, just passing through.

Getting older makes me feel more at peace with myself.  As if the skin has begun to fit better.

I don't feel the need to kick down doors or prove myself anymore, to see another part of the world; the fire in the belly burns a little less bright, but in a good sort of way.  The drive has diminished and been replaced with a comfortability of who I am and where I stand and where I sit.  For me, that is priceless.

I will be spending my birthday getting absolutely endlessly lost in the labyrinth that is Fez; it seems like an apt metaphor for the Moebius Strip that is life.

And of course, the 4 bday qs:

1) Bday Dinner: I had thought to have dinner with Dumbledore so we could discuss Trump's horcruxes, but a late change has me having dinner with the King of Morocco.  We would eat tajine and discuss my billion ideas for Moroccan public and cultural diplomacy (and of course; gastrodiplomacy), and he would offer me a position as the royal public diplomacy vizier.

2) Since this last year has focused a lot on where I was 15 years ago, then I will pick that one.  I was in Dublin. The first thing I did was head to St. James Gate and have a Guiness at the factory.  Later in the day, I visited the Jameson Whisky Distillary, where they let me be the official whisky taste-tester for my bday.  I had dinner that night with an Italian woman named Paula; whom I had sat next to on the bus the day before from the airport into Dublin; and she had left her suitcase on the bus.  It took quite an effort to call Italy and find a way to let her know I had her suitcase.  She rewarded me with a lovely birthday dinner.

3) In Colombia, I woke up with the morning sun on the mountop of Minca at the immaculate hippy kingdom that is Oskar's Place.  Lida and I ventured down from the mountaintop and on to Cartagena.  Lida took m out for a lovely birthday dinner

4) Timbuktu

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