Friday, December 23, 2016

The Moroccan Return cont.

I had posted previously about how with my return to Rabat had seemingly fallen into a wormhole of nostalgia and memory--well it came even more full circle.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had lived with a Moroccan family, the Taoufiks, whom had become my own family.  Since then, they had all moved to America, so I did not think I would get to see them here in Rabat.

But al-Humdulliah/Baruch HaShem, after I had posted about my return, the AMAZING Debbie Taoufik--my brother Yassine's wife let me know that indeed Yassine was in Rabat for a visit.

And now, this nomad who has been without a home for over 3 years is now living in the same home that I lived in fifteen years ago for my Morocco sojourn.

As I like to believe, irony is God's sense of humor.  He hasn't been back in a few years, and I haven't been back in fifteen years and yet here we are again under the same roof, still having the same discussions on the world, on family and on faith.

I feel like Michael Phelps, swimming through a sea of memories.

“Why did you come to me?”
“Because I had to come to you. It wasn’t a matter of choice.”
“Call it whatever you want. Things get kind of circular, when you’re me. Cause and effect get muddled.”
-The Time Traveler’s Wife

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