Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I have a secret for you. Do you want to know what the face of God looks like? It is the smile of a complete strangers.

The first encounter was an old lady in a jelaba, pushing a wheel chair around.  She may have been demented, I'm not sure.  But her smile was literally so big that it lit up an overcast morning.  It was like looking directly at joy.

Later that evening; I was wandering through the labyrinth of markets, lost in thought as I took in the vibrant life.  I was thinking about how wonderful it was to simply observe, and just look without care to snap pictures or buy anything.  In the tight commotion, I stepped around a slew of jackets.  On a small cart on the ground was a very small deformed woman who was receiving alms.  I don't think she had legs and had small deformed arms.

I didn't exactly notice her as I stepped around, then it all registered and I stopped and turned around to give her a few dirham.

I smiled big at her; and she burst out in the biggest smile back at me.  She waved at me with her one good arm.  I don't think I will ever forget the smile she gave back at me, it was so full of joyous emotion.

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