Thursday, November 17, 2016

What The World Costs-Germany

Free: Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Museum on Post-War Germany) in Bonn; Zeitgeschictliches Forum Leipzig (Museum on GDR and FRG)
12 centimes ($.13): small bread roll at Penny grocery store in Leipzig
25 centimes ($.27): bread roll at Rewe grocery store in Nuremberg
39 centimes ($.42): 500g spaghetti
50 centimes ($.54): quarkballin; dominostein pastry
55 centimes ($.59): pretzel-bread roll at Rewe Go in Koln
60 centimes ($.64): grain roll at Rewe in Nuremberg
75 centimes ($.80): .5L Kleines Schwarzes can of beer from Leipzig grocery store; coffee to go in Dresden
89 centimes ($.96): box of tomato sauce
98 centimes ($1.05): .5L Kriesch Porter bottle of beer from grocery store in Leipzig
99 centimes ($1.06): 250g of pepper cheese
1 euro ($1.07): coffee at the Nuremberg train station; a towel at the Nuremberg hostel; cost for towels at some German hostels
1.07 euros ($1.15): .5L landsbier at the grocery store in Nuremberg
1.20 euros ($1.29): small espresso at Nuremberg hostel
1.29 euros ($1.38): can of lentils at the grocery store
1.50 euros ($1.61): box of peppermint tea
1.80 euros ($1.93): big espresso at Nuremberg hostel
1.90 euros ($2.04): short journey (4 stop) Cologne tram ticket
1.99 euros ($2.14): boiled egg and cheese sandwich in pretzel roll in Weimar
2 euros ($2.15): sheets at Labyrinth Hostel in Weimar; bus ride in Weimar; .5L bottle of Radeger beer in Dresden
2.10 euros ($2.25): .5L beer at the Nuremberg hostel
2.30 euros ($2,47): tram ride in Dresden
2.40 euros ($2.58): tram ride in Stuttgart
2.50 euros $2.68): Veggie pita sandwich in Nuremberg; cost for sheets at German hostels
2.80 euros ($3.01): Cologne regular tram ticket; Frankfurt tram ticket
2.99 euros ($3.21): small fried fish sandwich on a baguette at Nordsee
3 euros ($3.22): admission to Cologne panorama building viewing deck; student admission to Nuremberg Process Museum; student admission to Nuremberg Museum; student admission to Bauhaus museum in Weimar; doner kebab in Dresden
3.10 euros ($3.33): Cappuccino at Coffee Baum--Leipzig's oldest coffee house
3.60 euros ($3.86): 33ml pils beer in downtown Stuttgart; glass of Kessler champagne in Eissenberg
4 euros ($4.29): 2 hours locker fee in Cologne train station; stupidity tax for not understanding how the locker worked; ride from Stuttgart airport terminal to the Deans, including an SBhan, bus and Ubahn.
4.50 euros ($4.83): gondola ride over the Rhine in Cologne; .5L Radebger Pils at brewery restaurant
5 euros ($5.37): student entrance into German-Roman Museum in Cologne; bus daypas in Weimar
5.50 euros ($5.90): best kebabs in Stuttgart
6 euros ($6.44): 2hr Weimar to Leipzig Flixbus
7 euro ($7.51): 1.5 hr Leipzig to Dresden Flixbus
7.70 euros ($8.26): 30 min local train from Cologne to Bonn; day pass for Nuremberg transit system
8 euros ($8.59): student admission to German National Museum in Nuremberg for permanent collection and exhibit on King Charles IV
8.50 euros ($9.12): student entrance to Goethe Museum and House
9 euros ($9.66): bottle of champagne bought to celebrate Hillary's victory :(
11 euros ($11.81): 20 min intercity train from Bonn to Cologne/stupidity tax for getting on the wrong train; 3 hour Eurolines bus from Cologne to Frankfurt; 1 night stay at hostel in Leipzig w/o breakfast or sheets.
14 euros ($15.03): one night stay at Labyrinth Hostel in Weimar (w/o breakfast or sheets)
15 euros ($16.10): one night stay at Mondpalast in Dresden (w/o breakfast or sheet)
16.90 euros ($18.90): Plate of Sächsischer Sauerbraten at Redeberger
19 euros ($20.39):  Flixbus from Frankfurt to Stuttgart (3.5hrs); train from Stuttgart to Nuremberg (2hr); train from Nuremberg to Weimar (3.5hrs)
19.90 euros ($21.36): Train from Dresden to Prague (2.5hrs)
24 euros ($25.76): dorm room at 5 Reasons hostel w/o breakfast for Thursday night.
26 euros ($27.90): dorm room at 5 Reasons hostel w/o breakfast for weekend nights.

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