Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Fall

It's 6am in Stuttgart.  I woke up at 5am, to a nightmare that won't go away.

I woke up yesterday to check the news on the election.  In German, I saw headlines of Trump's lead. Terrifying.

Winter has come. The wounds right now are still too raw.  Really, it's Fuck Everyone. Blame Everyone.  But on the birghtside, I am looking forward to the first Hunger Games.

A few things I am watching and reading, since my words fail me:

-Hillary's concession speech was heartbreaking yet comforting.  She was all-class, and we didn't deserve her.

-The piece "Here is why we grieve today" captures a lot of what I can't articulate at the moment.

-As does David Remnick's An American Tragedy

-Sometimes life imitates art in a fashion that is a bit too surreal. If you haven't read Philip Roth's book "The Plot Against America," it is feels very apt at the moment. Do try to get a copy before they burn it.

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