Saturday, November 19, 2016

Příští stanice: nostalgie

I set out early on a rainy morning--typical Czech weather, from Wencslas Square through the Old City.  I passed the Altneuschul in Josefov and looped my way past the Rudolfinum.  I crossed Charles Bridge with the ochre statues looking down in the rain, and the white swans swimming in the Vltava below.

I hiked up past Mala Strana, all the way up to our old stomping grounds in Pohořelec.  I passed Maly Buddha as well as the statues of Keppler and Brahe on my way back to Kolej Komenskeho.

The Czech security guard at the Kolej was as charming as I remembered, when I tried to explain that I just wanted to see the place again.  But I got a nice view of the lobby, which looked like it still had the same furniture.

I headed back to catch the 22 tram at the stop, and passed Pražský hrad and the Belvedere Summer Palace on my right, all the way back down.

Now I may go hit up Bohemia Bagel for lunch....

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