Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Germany has always had a special, complicated place for me--on so many levels; it remains a place that I respect and admire--on so many levels.

The three weeks that I spent traveling through Germany, from Cologne in the West on through Dresden in the East gave me an incredible perspective on past, present and future.

In visiting Cologne, Bonn, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Weimar, Leipzig and Dresden, I dabbled through the history and culture of this enigmatic land.

Through Goethe and Weimar Classicism, the Weimar Republic and Bauhaus, the rise of Nazi Germany and its monstrous ends, East and West Germany, and Germany's reunification.

Strangely, being in Germany after the American elections helped steel my resolve for the fight to come. I think I will forever be in debt to Germany in this regard. History has placed Germany as perhaps the last leading liberal light of the 21st century, something that is both rich in irony and yet apt on many levels.

In conclusion, I offer danke schön to the many wonderful Germans I met along the way, who did so much to make me sincerely appreciate your country. Auf wiedersehen!

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