Sunday, October 16, 2016


While over at my friends Cristina and Gernas' flat for a lovely Saturday brunch, I noticed that on their bookshelf was a glass jar with little nondescript scrolls rolled up and tied in a gold string.  The neck of the bottle said: honoritas.

I asked Cristina what it was, and she smiled.  She said to choose one.  I did.  This is what the little luminous scroll said in Romanian, translated:

I'm like a spy in the service of the one above.

The saint that is beloved for God is the ideal eunuch (castrata).  Life ends where the Kingdom of God begins.

If you want to stay in the sphere of the religious, then you have to fight.
-Ludwig Wittgenstein

It is so difficult to imagine the world without God, so that if God was to forget it, the world would immediately disappear.

If I believed in God, my arrogance would be without borders.  I would even be able to walk naked in the streets.
-Emil Cioran

If God made this world, I would not like to be that God.  Contemplating it would break my heart.

"How do I know that two people understand the same thing, when each says they believe in God"

After all, I made a doctoral thesis at God.
-Alexanderu Dragomir, whom studied under Heidegger

And another thought to end on, from a conversation at Cafe Belga with a fellow named Jean-Pierre who was sitting next to me and marveled that I was reading/translating Tintin while he was reading a book on the unknown symbols of Hergé: le hasard n'existe pas (chance does not exist).

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DrBones said...

"God does not play dice with the universe". - Albert Einstein