Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bruxellian Golden Hour

I turned left out of the building, towards the convenience store that I knew.

The Bruxellian sun was setting resplendent on the far Royal Palace.  The palais was outlined golden in the sun's setting light and stood out crisp in its golden outline.

I walked the two blocks and did my business.

On my return, the huge green-domed Eglise Royale Saint-Marie of closer encounter was shading pink on its marble facade in the sun's fading light.  Pastel shadows wrapped around the gothic buttress ribs and spires.  I was enraptured in beauty.

As I was nearly back, I peered left to sight that stopped me in my tracks, a scene straight out of the Kingdom of Heaven.  In the far distant horizon, the tapered art deco dome cupola of the Basilica of Sacred Heart was a dark silhouette in the golden skyscape--the giant enormous round bulb dome darkened in the shade of the golden sunset across the sky.

I was transfixed.

I stood in golden awe as I fumbled to get Bach's cello suite in my ears.  I stood there for a full piece, softly sighing at the beauty before me and wondering if anyone would notice the incredible scene I was staring at: the golden palace of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Could I bring my friends down from their penthouse apartment top to see this exquisite beauty, or would it be faded by the time?  I decided that this was just for me.

The rest of the return back featured the green dome pastel masterpiece in my purview.

I returned and babbled out my glorious experience in the Bruxellian golden hour in resplendent exclamations.

But there is a convenience store just at the end of this block at the corner, if you turned to the right, my friend Gernas said.

Yes, but I would have missed it all.

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