Sunday, September 25, 2016

Adios America

Goodbye America,
I leaving for Brussels, and I am not coming back until after this crazy election is done. I did this on purpose and for my own sanity. I made a clear choice to keep myself out of America as much as I could in 2016, and as such was lucky enough to only spend 7 weeks in country--because I knew this election would be a shit show.
I am voting of course-- absentee ballot.
Please America, please don't fall victim to the biggest con man in American history. And we have had a long list of robber barons and con men in our illustrious history. But none have ever threatened our fair Republic like Donald J. Trump. If Trump wins, this trip abroad becomes exile.
James Michener wrote: "Political exile has been the last refuge of many noble minds."
Those are nice sentiments, but I would prefer to live in Colorado-- rustling chickens.
America, PLEASE don't fuck this up and force me into exile.
Paul Rockower

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