Thursday, September 01, 2016

Adios, y vaya con Dios

And thus, Don Pablo Quijote's public diplomacy adventures in Latin America have come to a close.  I have spent nearly a year in Central and South America, running cultural diplomacy programs in the regions.  El Salvador, Honduras and Colombia.  With a sojourn in Guatemala.  I have come to know these places well--at least as well as a ethnically ambiguous Spanish-speaking gringo can.

Over the last year or so, I have connected with so many through hip hop (and hula).  I have run programs in some of the most dangerous barrios in Central and South America, and yet it feels so trite to write that.  Because every I worked, I was met with kindness and compassion by so many.  So many people just living their lives, struggling to get through.

And so, the greatest hip hop producer that no one has ever heard of is taking a well-deserved break for a while.  I am putting down the mic for a few months.

I will be in Belgium, studying French.  I will be traveling through Germany, visiting places like Bonn, Frankfurt, Leipzig and Dresden.  And I will make a stopover in my old stomping grounds in Prague.

As always, journey on.

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