Sunday, July 17, 2016

Medellin: the Goldilocks of Colombian Cities

In the City of Eternal Spring, our hero found himself in the lush botanical gardens.  Don Pablo Quixote was astounded by the flightless baby dragons--nothing that would win Khalesei the Iron Throne.  Our favorite knight-errant also found some Witnesses, not of the Faith Militant variety but a more benign scale.  This knight-errant chatted with them on faith and respect.  Of cunning linguistics, as The Watchtower is circulated in some 274 languages.

I am falling in love with Medellin.  It is known as la ciudad de la eterna primavera--the City of Eternal Spring.  I see why.  It is high enough in elevation that the weather is perfectly pleasant.  It is lush here, in green verdance.

Medellin is the Goldilocks of Colombian cities.  If Bogota is too cold and too busy, and Cartagena is too swelteringly hot and too touristy, then Medellin is just right in cosmopolitan class, temperature and temperament.  Or mayhaps I should say that she is the Dulcinea of Colombian cities. 

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