Thursday, July 21, 2016


I have a Caracas Leones jersey. It is a long story over currency calculations and Bolivares. For the better part of a few years it went unnoticed.  Until recently.  In Cartagena, I had perplexed people stop me in the streets.  Venezuelans--wondering if I was.

Tonight I walked through the filled cheering streets of Medellin to green-and-white clad fans of Athletico Nacional fans.  I had a great Argentine burger at the Medellin Burger Factory.  The waitress was from Venezuela and wanted to know if I was.  The Argentine burger was delicious, with argentine beef chorizo on top.  I finished my burger and sipped a Club Colombia roja .  I waited until 35 minutes or a goal, and the goal come shortly after the 35 minute mark.  The streets went wild with cheers and excitement.

On my return, another Venezuelan stopped me over the jersey.

Viva Caracas Leones!

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