Wednesday, July 27, 2016


In Medellin, I live in the barrio of Estadio.  The stadium.  As it just so happens, the stadium hosts the local favorite Medellin team Athletico Nacional.  Athletico is in the Copa Libertadores Final, and are playing tonight at the stadium.

And it is bedlam outside.  All afternoon, fireworks have punctuated the quiet.  I made gander over to Carerra Setenta to check out the atmosphere around the stadium.  I was greeted with a packed carnival of drunken futbol fans.  Flags of green and white fluttered on the winds, as well as the strong scent of other green.

I tried to walk up Carerra Setenta but couldn't make it a block--it was so filled with people.  I crossed the street and had no better luck on the other side.

I don't especially like large gatherings of potentially riotous futbol fans, so I scurried home.  Once upon a time, I might have stayed on that corner, but these days I have a good idea of where I have no business being.

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