Tuesday, July 19, 2016


So after my tour yesterday, hearing about the wonderful functionality of Medellin, I decided to get myself a membership to the free city bike share Enclicla.

First I went on to the website.  The website said that I had to download a registration form and a rules contract.  Fine, fair enough.  Also to provide a copy of my passport.

Except the links didn't work.  One went to a page with no form attached.  The other went to a broken link.

I considered emailing the site, but they had a main headquarters.  When I checked on a map, it was nearby--some 20 minutes away on foot.  So I decided to simply go to the main headquarters and fill out the forms in person.

First I stopped at the local print shop and got a copy of my passport blown up to 150 percent as required.

I walked over in the hot sun to the place--only to find it was no longer there.  I walked further over to the nearest metro to see if perhaps there was something I could do there to sign up.  A fellow working at the bike exchange told me that I had to head downtown to Apujarra to the main headquarters near the Alpujarra metro.

Fine, fair enough.  So I hopped the metro over to Apujarra.  I found the main headquarters and walked over.  I walked in to the office and sat down with a woman manning a table.  I explained that I tried to access the forms online but it was not working, and would be glad to fill out the forms in person.

Except they didn't have the forms.  I explained that the website wasn't working, neither the Spanish nor English versions, and that the forms were not accessible.

Yes, she said.  The site was not functioning correctly.

"Okay, so you can give me the form?" I asked.

No, you can only get the form online.  

But you just admitted that the site isn't working, and I know I can't get it online.


At that point I sat down.  You realize that this is incredible--what you are telling me.  It is impossible for me to fill out the forms online because it is not working, yet I can't get access unless I fill out the forms--and you don't have any you can give me.


Okay, as long as you understand that this is crazy.

She understood, but was powerless to fix the situation or aid in The (Bicycle) Trial.

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