Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I was downtown, looking for a Colombian coffee shop called Juan Valdez where I had a meeting.  I was a little lost trying to find the spot, but knew the general area.

I was on the block where I thought it was located, but there was some construction where it might be, so I took my earphones out of my ears, put them into my shirt and walked over to a booth with two police officers to ask if they knew where it was.

They didn't know of the place, so I thought perhaps I had sent the person to a place that didn't exist anymore (wouldn't be the first time...).  As I was walking away, one of the cops said to me:

"Can I give you some advice?" the police officer said.

Sure, I replied.

"In this current climate, you shouldn't walk up to a police booth with wires sticking out of your shirt."

Fair enough, I replied.  Then I said: "Can I give you some advice?"

Sure, he said.

"You shouldn't have such an itchy trigger finger," I replied.

Welcome to the United States of Fear.

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