Friday, April 15, 2016

Euro round-up

With all the focus today on the problems in the Middle East, it's easy to forget that for most of the 20th century, Europe was the central US foreign policy problem and the source of massive wars that cost millions of lives. The solution to this problem was European integration — a heavily American project, in large part because it served US interests so well. 
And, broadly speaking, it has been an enormous success. Sure, the European Union spends an absurd amount of time failing to decide things and talking about the proper curvature of bananas or the health effects of chlorine-washed chickens. But such technocratic boredom was always the goal for Europe, and it is an infinite improvement over bombing each others' cities. Europe became peaceful and prosperous, in effect a solved problem after centuries of conflict.

-The Czech Republic may be becoming "Czechia."  Personally, I would go with Bohemia--which has a much better brand association than some unknown construction that is Czechia or Czechlands.  Or just create a union with Slovenia and become: Czechoslovenia.

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