Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What the World Costs-Guatemala II

Free: tea and coffee at the International Mochilero Hostal from 8am-10am, 5pm-7pm; a month trial of Netflix
1 quetzal ($.13): one brown egg at the store; 4 tortillas bought on the street
1.5 quetzales ($.19): fifteen min of internet
2.25 quetzales ($.29): 5 oz refried beans
3 quetzales ($.39): a baby snickers; 30 min of internet
5 quetzales ($.65): 1 lb of rice; a cup of tamarind juice; mangoes with chili, lime and salt; 12 oz cocal cola in a glass bottle; empanda de pina;
6 quetzales ($.77): gansito (Central American Hostess-style cake); oatmeal-raisin cookie at Dona Luisa
7 quetzales ($.90): 250ml bottle of Venado Aguardiente
8 quetzales ($1.03): a tube of Colgate toothpaste
8.5 quetzales ($1.10): mississippi mud ice cream in a cone, covered in chocolate sauce and cookie crumbs
9 quetzales ($1.16): 1 piece of fried chicken (breast)
10 quetzales ($1.30): 1 hour chicken bus ride from Guate City to Antigua; can of tuna at the grocery store
11q ($1.43): 225ml of crema pura
12q ($1.56): jar of Cafe Quetzal instant coffee; 1 litre whole milk; espresso macchiato at Cafe Refuge
14q ($1.81): Traditional Guatemalan Hot Chocolate with milk; Espresso Cortado Doble at &Cafe
15q ($1.94): large fresh-squeezed carrot-orange juice; entry to Museo del Libro Antiguo (5q for Nationals; 30 q for foreigners; 15 q for me); 350ml Gallo beer
20q ($2.58): large lemonade with soda; pipian de pollo w/ rice and avocado at La Canache; caldo de rez in the market
21q ($2.71): Huevos Rancheros at Dona Luisa
22q ($2.84): Bottle of Gallo at Cafe No Se; Bottle of Dorada Draft at Restaurante Calle al Fondo, Desayuno Chapin
23q ($2.97): 2 pieces of Guate Fried Chicken, fries and spicy coleslaw.
25q ($3,23): 15 minute taxi ride from Zona 10 to Trebol; a pina colada at El Viejo Cafe; a shave
30q ($3.87): entrance (for foreigners) to Museo de Santiago de Caballeros (nationals is only 5 q--I'm not sure even that would have been worth the entry); Pollo Asado, salad and potato salad at Rincon Tipico
33q ($4.26): Mezcal Mule at Cafe No Se
35q ($4.52): a glass of Malbec at the wine bar (5 quetzales discount on each subsequent glass); chille rellenos with rice, beets and soup
40q ($5.16): 375ml bottle of Ron Botran 12 year Rum; whole fried fish w/ rice, guacamole and salad on Lago de Atitlan; entrance to Las Capuchinas convent
50q ($6.46): dorm in Antigua, no breakfast
55q ($7.10): a 2cl glass of Mezcal Anejo at Cafe No Se
56q ($7.23): two caldo de gallina and two Negro Modelo
58q ($7.49) Kaq-ik--Mayan turkey soup at Restaurante Fondo Calle Real
60q ($7.75): a bottle of Argentine Merlot at the store
72q ($9.30): A plate of Pipian de Pollo, rice and tortillas at Restaurante Calle al Fondo
80q ($10.33): 3 hour tourist van from Antigua to Lago de Atitlan; shuttle from Antigua to airport
100q ($12.91): room at Hospaje de Santo Domingo in Lago de Atitlan, no bathroom, no breakfast;scuba gear
2,500q ($322): 25 days stay at an apartment with a kitchen and private bathroom (with hot water)
3,829q ($547): roundtrip flight to Guatemala

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