Sunday, March 20, 2016

the dawn of time

It's interesting--I admit I have become pessimistic about the present, feeling lost in a tangle of worlds that seem so topsy-turvey,  Yet through this increased pessimism in the present I have also become more interested in the very, very distant past.

While in Eastern Africa, the cradle of humanity found in Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia, I became quite intrigued by mankind from a million years prior.  I tried to fathom the eternity in human skulls from 1.75 million years ago.  I saw Lucy in Addis, whom dates back some three million years.

I have been trying to wrap my head around the shear volume of time that man has existed and evolved on Earth. I have been reading more on Neanderthals, and their breeding connections to homo sapiens. Also the Denisovans, and their continued existence in Melanesians 

I find it fascinatingly incomprehensible of this human-like species disappearing.  Yet disappearing in a 10,000 year period or so.  Ten thousand years.  As I mark my monthly paycheck and worry about my daily life and time slipping by.

I think part of this fascination with ancient, ancient history is to try to come to grips with the present realities.  In short, if we can survive so many thousands-upon-millions of years, perhaps we just make it out of this election-year-decade-century-millennia still alive.

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