Monday, March 21, 2016

Last evening in Antigua

I wandered out into the day's fading light.  I headed over to a cafe in the parque central that had become a semi-regular evening spot.  The place had immaculate hot chocolate--stirred by hand, and a great view of the purple Jacaranda trees in the park.

But today, I looked out towards the west, towards the sun setting behind the majestic volcano.  The volcano was wrapped in a shawl of clouds.  The sun's fading light shined out from the clouds behind the peak.  It was a stunning bit of white light filtered through the clouds as the sky was slowly fading dark.

I sipped my velvety hot chocolate, and watched the clouds pass over the face of the volcano and slowly across the horizon.

To the east, the almost-full moon began its rise in the night sky.  In the cool blue evening, the greenish-white moon was beginning to show.

A nice end to remember Antigua by.

I had planned to make my last meal in Antigua at Pollo Campero, the famous Guate Fried Chicken restaurant.  They do it so proper they have table service for fast food fried chicken.  When Pollo Campero opened in the U.S., there were ridic lines.  But I just couldn't eat anymore Guate Fried Chicken, as good as it is.

So I opted for a meal at the nice local spot Restauant Fondo Calle Real.  I had been there once prior, and had not been impressed but they had a dish I wanted to try: Kaq'-ik.  Kaq'-ik is a hearty turkey soup with tomatoes, chilies, spices, cilantro and mint.

It was absolutely wonderful.  It had the rich achiote paste flavor in the complex soup.  I added in rice, pieces of tortilla and white tamale.  The turkey on the bone stayed cooking in the warm soup and was tender and flavorful.  I sipped a black beer, Moza, to accompany the Mayan meal.

A nice end to remember Antigua by.

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