Thursday, March 17, 2016


I sat on the weathered, tangled branches of a tree with its roots over the crashing waves.  The Smashing Pumpkins´ "Disarm" came in through my ear buds.

The killer in me is the killer in you...

The evening came in without much fanfare.  I had a happy hour daiquiri  (dai-key-ri in spanish) in a restaurant on the lake.

I was disturbed in my happy hour by a table of gringos sitting in the table next to me.  They were complaining about P.C. culture in America.

"Ya cayn`t call ´em "Retarded" or "Black" anymore."

Really?  I escape ´Murica so to be away from this inanity.  Check please.

I grabbed a churrasuito at a parilla on the semi'-bustling Calle Santander.  A plate of carne asada--grilled marinated steak with a grilled spring onion on top.  Alongside rice, guacamole and warm tortillas.

I spent my evening shuttling down to the lake.

I headed back up to Pana Rock Cafe.  This is Panajachel´s tribute to Hard Rock Cafe.  And it surprisingly rocked.

The band was an Argentine guitarist who could shred.  The American bassist wasn`t bad, nor the drummer from unkown origin (perhaps here?).

They kicked it off with a good Santana cover.  They did a decent Sweet Home Alabama and a good Rolling Stones Paint It Black.

I see a red door and I want to paint it black...

I stuck around for a bit, and left after a Zeppellin cover--pleased enough with all that I had heard.

Perhaps the world needs more cover rock band bars around the globe.  Both locals and gringos were enjoying it.  It was one of the first places in Guate where I saw such enjoyed space.

I can remember a rock bar in Calcutta where the Bengali rockers did a money Sultans of Swing

The Sultans play creole...

Maybe my next act in cultural diplomacy will be to set-up cover bands at American Corners around the world.

Anywho, I woke up at the usual early.  I wandered down and had breakfast on the lake.  Desayuno was quite good.  I had Desayuno Chapin, which is scrambled eggs with refried beans, fried plantains and queso blanco--a good salty white cheese.

The queso blanco was a bit drier and more pungent than usual--it was good.  There was even banana slices that I covered in bits of cherry jelly that came on a star orange.

I filled warm tortillas with a layer of frijoles, then the queso blanco, then the scrambled eggs.  A bit of spicy salsa to top it off.  An occasional piece of platano thrown in too.  These were good plantains, fried just a little crispy but still ultimately soft.  The plantains were great with a bit of queso blanco with it.

I sat full, listening to the Latin rock on the radio and the sound of hammers constructing a new lake observation deck.  The outlines of volcanos hid in the morning haze across the lake.

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