Monday, March 14, 2016

Antigua Procession

Antigua is full this weekend.  There are Semana Sancta processions going on.

I left my guest house to go find the procession.

I opened the door to the usually empty street.  Outside the procession found me.

There were purple-robed cucuruchos.  Penitents in purple robes and white gloves, with purple hoods.

Scores of these penitent pilgrims passing by my doorstep.

Bands of purple-robed penitents swung thuribles of smoking frankincense whose plume of smoke filled the night air.

A giant float of Jesus amid the Passion Play passed by.  His giant float was borne on the backs of the purple-robed penitents.

After the Passion huffed passed in sturm und drang, 
in a very waltz and dirge fashion.

The Passion float was followed by a band of woodwinds, horns and giant drums.

The Passion Play passed.

Not too long after, a float of the Virgin Mary came through on the backs of women in white blouses and black skirts.

They were followed by a band of trumpets, horns and trombones.

The procession passed me right by, followed by the legions who clean up after a parade.  Dump trucks and men picking up the trash left behind for the dumpster.

The whole procession passed by--right outside my door.  It's still going on, I can hear it.  I can hear the horns still blowing in procession in the night.

The incessant bells end the night.

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