Saturday, February 27, 2016

Viva Antigua

Most importantly, I found a place to stay.  After that came food.  I wandered through the city and to the market.  A smiling woman cooking lured me in for dinner.  I had some roasted chicken with aguacacito and frijoles.  And some homemade picante with fresh chopped pepper.

I had a gansita for dessert, it was surprisingly good and exceeded expectations for a latin hostess.

I wandered down to the wine bar under the pastel yellow arch clock tower.

I sipped Malbec while I read Love in the Time of Cholera by candle light.

The conversation in Sweden and English lilts at the other table sounded promising so I invited myself over.

The Swede was a ship captain of some sorts on a touring boat built in 1885.  I asked if Ikea constructed it.

The Liverpudlian was an engineer.  She reminded me of a doctor doctor I knew in Zimbabwe.

We chatted with a security fellow from the UK.  He had served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He was now head of security at a silver mine not so far away.

A Salvadorian joined the conversation, as well as two Columbusians.

Last call was early and abrupt.  Called by a Pole.

I made my way back to my hostel--haranguing the old wood door bell to gain entry.

My walk up caught a faint whiff from the roof.  You have a good nose, said the girl with the small gold bull ring.

I met Jack from the UK and Natalie- from parts more familiar- on the roof under a bright green-white moon.  They made me want to visit Belize.  They said they wanted to read my book,  So did the previous short term friends.

I need to get writing.

I have good inspiration here.  I have much to write.  Many words to type on the blank canvas in front of me.

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