Saturday, January 30, 2016

What the World Costs- Honduras

1 Lempira ($.04): 500ml bag of water
10 Lempiras ($.44): a can of Link grapefruit soda; bag of pralines
12 Lempiras ($.53): 750ml bottle of water
16 Lempiras ($.71): a bottle of Cerveza Barena at Las Cebollinas; 1 liter bottle of water at pharmacy; 1 hour long chicken bus ride from Vale de Angeles to Tegucigalpa (no idea why it was cheaper for the return journey)
17 Lempiras ($.75): 6 oz Macchiatto at Espresso Americano
18 Lempiras ($.80): 8 oz Americanao at Espresso Americano
21 Lempiras ($.93): entry into snake museum
24 Lempiras ($1.06): 45 min chicken bus ride from Tegucigalpa to Vale de Angeles
26 Lempireas ($1.15): double espresso at Espresso Americano
30 Lempiras ($1.33): chocolate cake ball at a cafe
31 Lempiras ($1.38): 2L of Coca Cola at the grocery store
34 Lempiras ($1.51): a double espresso at hotel cafe
37 Lempiras ($1.64): packet of nuts and raisins at convenience store
48 Lempiras ($2.13): Bottle of SalvaVida beer at Casa Don Juan
50 Lempiras ($2.22): a shot of turtle egg mixed with lemon and tomato juice
55 Lempiras ($2.44): plate of Pollo a la coca cola, arroz, frijoles y platanos
60 Lempiras ($2.66): 20 minute cab ride from Hotel Interncontinental to city center
62 Lempiras ($2.75): Baleada (Honduran burrito) w/ pollo, guacemole, frijoles, chismol at Coco Baleada
65 Lempiras ($2.88): 20 minute cab ride from Novacentro to Hotel Intercontinental
70 Lempiras ($3.11): entrance to Museo para la Identidad Nacional incl virtual tour of Copan
80 Lempiras: giant plate of pollo chilaquiles
90 Lempiras ($3.99): Family size plate of Tajadas
100 Lempiras ($4.44): glass of wine in Hotel Intercontinental
105 Lempiras ($4.66): double Flor de Cana 7 year rum at Nu; Falafel sandwich at KebabExpress
120 Lempiras ($5.32): 15 min Reynaldo taxi ride
145 Lempiras: Sopa de Tortilla at The Market
149 Lempiras ($6.61): 1 liter of 4 year old Flor de Cana rum at the grocery store
154 Lempiras ($6.83): A plate of carne de res, arroz, frijoles, aguacate y chismol in Valle
160 Lempiras ($7.10): two Sake handrolls (salmon, sesame oil-filled)
165 Lempiras ($7.32): Ceviche de Corvino at The Market
220 Lempiras ($9.76): 20 min taxi van ride to El Patio
258 Lempiras ($11.45): 1 liter of 7 year old Flor de Cana rum at the grocery store.
455 Lempiras ($20.19): Sr. Conquistador steak at El Patio (literally 1.5lbs of meat)
788 Lempiras ($35): 1 hour massage (including eye ball massage--good for after long bouts looking at the computer screen, the masseuse explained.
4,000 Lempiras ($177.48): Graffiti mural
855 Lempiras ($38): first-class 6hr Pullmantur bus ticket from Teguc to San Salvador
1,425 Lempiras ($63.23): 72 piece sushi plate for 4 at Nau Lounge
2700 Lempiras ($120):  1 night stay at Hotel Real Intercontental w/ breakfast included (long-stay rate)
3,180 Lempiras ($141): 1 night stay at Hotel Real Intercontental w/ breakfast included

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