Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What the World Costs- Colombia

Free: Museo Botero; Museo de la Independcia; 30 minutes for a bicycle on bike day; Museo Nacional
200 Colombian Pesos ($.06): small plantano bread roll
500 pesos ($.15): 15 min internet
800 pesos ($.24): Arepa de maiz
900 pesos ($.28): packet of spaghetti
1,200 pesos ($.37): buñuelo (fried cheese dough ball)
1,500 pesos ($,46): glass of fresh-squeezed OJ on the street
1,600 pesos ($.49): empanada de carne
1,800 pesos ($.55): BRT bus ticket
2,000 ($.61) BRT card; obrea (thin waffle w/ dulce de leche, queso and passion fruit sauce inside)
2,150 ($.66): a bottle of Cerveza Club Colombia at the store; 1 ride on Medellin metro
2,500 ($.76): a bottle of Aguila beer at a local restaurant
3,000 ($.92) entrance to Museo del Oro; bottle of Club Colombia at Wandering Paisa
3,200 ($.98): a half-dozen eggs at the grocery store
3,300 ($1.01): cappuccino; glass of passion fruit juice
4,000 ($1.22): cold bottle of Aguila beer at a bar in Cartagena; can of Aguila beer at Parque Tayrona
4,100 ($1.25); a piece of temptation of chocolate cake
5,000 ($1.53): 1/4 pollo asado (roasted chicken) with roasted potatoes and arepa
6,500 ($1.99): Limonada de coco (Lemonade with coconut); sopa de mondongo (Colombian beef tripe soup)
7,000: ($2.14): Oscar's curry egg breakfast special
8,000 ($2.45): 20 minute taxi ride from Tayrona to Buritaca
8:500 ($2.60): Rum and coke in Cartagena
9,500 ($2.91): Indian buffet lunch including soup, salad and drink at Govinda's in Medellin
10,000 ($3.06): plate del dia: fried whole fish, fried banana chips, salad and coco rice; entrance to Museo de Antioco
10,200 ($3.12): ticket to Star Wars 3D; 20 min cab ride from Cartagena airport to city center
10,900 ($3.33): stuffed chicken arepa
11,900 ($3.63): Desayuno completo (eggs, rice & beans, arepa, cheese and a cup of hot chocolate)
12,000 ($3.67): bus from Santa Marta to Parque Tayrona; Fixer-Upper cocktail (rum, lime and honey)
13,500 ($4.13): Sancocho--giant pot of Colombian chicken soup
13,900 ($4.25): Big Mac combo meal
15,000 ($4.59): Tanqueray and Tonic; 1 night stay in a hammock in Palomino (no sheet)
17,000 ($5.20): Funicular ride to the top of Monserrate and back down;
17,700 ($5.41): A pollo terriyaki sub with fries and coke combo at Qbano
20,000 ($6.12): Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; 1 night hammock stay in Parque Tayrona w/ sheet
21,000 ($6.42): Rum and Coke overlooking the ocean; 1 night hostel stay at Wandering Paisa in Medellin
24,000 ($7.34): mini Spanish-English dictionary
25,000($7.65): whole fried red snapper at Bukaru in Parque Tayrona; 4 hour bus ride from Santa Marta to Cartagena (took 6 hours)
30,000 ($9.18): 25 min taxi from airport to Chapinero
33,000 ($10.09): ceviche de pescado at famous La Cevicecheria in Cartagena
38,000 ($11.62): 1 night hostel dorm in Santa Marta, no breakfast
40,000 ($12.23): puerta-a-puerta bus service for 4 hr trip from Cartagena to Santa Marta; entrance into Parque Tayrona
50,000 ($15.29): Argentine bife de lomo in Cartagena
55,000 ($16.82): One night hostal bed in a 12-person dorm in Cartagena (with breakfast)
60,000 ($18.35): One night hostal bed in a 4 person dorm in Cartagena (with breakfast); 35 min taxi ride from Medellin airport to city
65,000 ($19.88): per person dinner at Andres D.C.; 9 hour bus from Medellin to Bogota
96,000 ($29.36): bungalow for two at Oskar's Place in Minca
216,990 ($66.37): Flight from Bogota to Cartagena
245,615 ($75.12): Fancy traditional Colombia dinner for two incl bottle of wine at Club Colombia
271,374 ($83): 1 night stay at Hotel Balcones de Badillo in Cartagena w/ breakfast
331,190 ($101.29) 1 hr 15 min flight from Cartagena to Medellin
817,375 ($245): 1 week studio apartment in Bogota

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