Monday, October 26, 2015


I should back this up to how I got here.

Back down the wooded path, down the banks of the river.

Back along the quay littered with autumn trees, their bark stripped white with grey-brown splotches.

And back to the center of the charming French town.  Medieval cobblestones and wooden houses from a former century.

Tours is lovely.

I arrived along the tree-lined boulevard amid an antique market in a canopy of falling autumn leaves.

I had arrived from the Gare d'Austerlitz this morning.

The trip out of Paris was beautiful, as we sped across rustic French countryside.

Fields of white, three-armed giants let me know my direction was correct.

I arrived to Tours, with my only challenge being to figure out how to enter the Hameau St. Michel--my current residence.

I found my way through town and found the large wooden gates.  I rang the bell a few times but got no answer.  I saw a sign that mentioned another entrance on Impasse Rabelais, so I walked around the block and found another entrance.  I rang the bell but still no one came.  Well, I guess I would be camping outside....

In a few minutes, a student walked up and swiped a card to get in.  I followed her in to an empty lobby.  Progress.

But progress was short-lived, as there was no one inside the building and no one coming or going.  Nor could I access the internet.  Well, I guess I could be camping inside....

But in a few minutes, a fellow named Francesco arrived, who worked at the Hameau.  Apparently, the buzzer connects to his phone but it was not working.  He helped get me into my room and settled in.  The rest of the afternoon, I already detailed.

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