Friday, October 16, 2015

On Farming

My dainty, grant-writing hands have never been so calloused or so dirty; I'm enjoying it.

I do enjoy aspects of manual labor, such as the calm of the steady repetitious pick--of red and yellow onions and leeks.

Hunting for the best melons or pumpkins to pick.

I like working outside,

in the mud; in the soil.

I like getting my hands dirty.

I like the fact that the job is close to endless, so I can do it in infinite fashion--focused on the present.

I enjoy feeling useful.  I am never going to be a farmer, but I can be a good body to pick and pluck and carry.

 The high point of my day is feeding melons to the piggies.  Their greedy joy at the sweet melons and succulent watermelons.

And my day ends watching grazing elks eat dinner in the field next to me, as the sun sets golden across the Grand Tetons.

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