Sunday, September 06, 2015

What the World Costs-Ethiopia

Free: entrance to the Red Terror Museum
1 birr (5 cents): money given to roving groups of singing girls in Aksum to make them go away
2 Birrr (10 cents): chai at cafe on Lake Tana; chai at internet cafe in Aksum; banana
3 Birr (15 cents): entrance to boat restaurant on Lake Tana
5 Birr (25 cents): traditional coffee at Addis Abbaba University cafe; traditional Aksum coffee
6 Birr (30 cents): locally-made chocolate bar; 30 min of internet
10 Birr (50 cents): entrance to Ethiopian National Museum; 30 minute minibus Wokro to Dinglet; 30 minute minibus Aksum to Adwa
11 Birr (55 cents): bambolino (donut); Macchiatto at Cafe Oslo
12 Birr (60 cents): St. George Beer at local bar in Bahir Dar
15 Bir (75 cents): 10 minute bajaji ride in Gonder
17 Birr (85 cents): St. George Beer at local restaurant in Addis; 1 hr minibus Wokro to Mekele
20 Birr ($1): pasta in injera in Debark; omelet; 2 hour minibus ride Alamata to Woldiya
21 Birr ($1.05): St. George Beer at Teitu Hotel
22 Birr ($1.10): toothpaste; special ful breakfast of fava bean paste, eggs and yogurt
24 Birr ($1.20): 1.5 hour mini bus from Shire to Aksum
29 Birr ($1.45): Fata breakfast of crusty bread broken up into little pieces, then covered in spicy sauce, yogurt, onions tomatoes and peppers
30 Birr ($1.50): double Teachers whiskey at Africa Hotel Aksum
35 Birr ($1.75): pasta with meat at Hotel Zenawi
37 Birr ($1.85): plate of “fasting” (ie veggie) food
40 Birr ($2): 10 pill packet of paracetemol
45 Birr: tibs (sauteed beef, peppers and onions) at butcher shop/restaurant
50 Birr ($2.50): 15 min taxi from Piazza to Addis Abbaba University; entrance to sites of Aksum
60 Birr ($3): tibs at bar/restaurant; 1 night stay at Hotel Zenawi, w/cold shower, no bathroom
65 Birr ($3.25): vegan buffet at Taitu Hotel
70 Birr ($3.50): 4 hour minibus ride Mekele to Alamata; 7.5 hour public bus ride from Woldiya to Lalibela
71 Birr ($3.55): Doro watt (chicken stew) at Taitu Hotel
73 Birr ($3.65): Kitfo (Ethiopian steak tartar) at Desset Resort on Lake Tana
90 Birr ($4.50): Large Alla Tuna Pizza at L-Shape Hotel; Ethiopian Shepherd's Pie at Ben Abeba Lalibela
100 Birr ($5): foreigner entrance to Ethnological museum; entrance to Holy Trinity Cathedral; entrance to Lake Tana monasteries
123 Birr ($6.15): 2nd level public bus from Gonder to Shire
150 Birr ($7.50): 25 minute taxi ride from Bole Rd to Piazza; entrance to each rock-hewn church in Tigray
200 Birr ($10): 1 hour full body Swedish massage at Dib Anbess Hotel; 1 night stay at L-Shape Hotel Gonder w/ hot shower, no breakfast; Ditto at the Africa Hotel Aksum; entrance into St. Mary's Church in Aksum (which holds the Ark of the Covenant)
250 Birr ($12.50): Shitty double room w/ bathroom and shower at the shitty Yordanos Hotel in the shitty city of Woldiya; Single room at Hotel Asheten w/hot shower, no breakfast
297 Birr ($14.85): One night stay at Taitu Hotel (Addis) with hot shower, no breakfast
300 Birr ($15): half-day trip on Lake Tana to visit monasteries (discount from 350 Birr—don't tell other people on the tour, the tour group leader said); Tour guide for a day to Aksum's site; bottle of Rift Valley Ethiopian Syrah
340 Birr ($17): 10 hour bus ride from Addis to Bahar Dir on air con bus
350 Birr ($17.50): One night stay at Dib Anbess Hotel (Bahir Dar) w/ hot shower, breakfast
600 Birr ($30): Guide for a day around Lalibela's churches (split with an Aussie)
1000 Birr ($50): visa on arrival at Bole International Airport; Entrance to the 11 rock-hewn churches in Lalibela
1300 Birr ($65): One night stay at Trinity Hotel near airport with hot shower & breakfast; 2 hr flight on Ethiopian Air from Lalibela to Addis via Gonder
2900 Birr ($145): multi-entry 3-year visa bought prior (I wanted the option of coming up through Kenya, and they don't issue visas at the border—I didn't come that way in the end)

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