Sunday, September 27, 2015

Serving God; serving Mammon

I was recently flying back from San Salvador to Miami.  As the plane was descending over the Floridian city's airspace, I saw a giant golf course.  In large yellow letters written high above the giant white estate building were the letters Trump.

I  proudly gave it the finger.

To my look of disgust and consternation after being silent the entirety of the flight, the Salvadorean passengers next to me gave me a quizzical look.  I explained in venomous Spanish that it was the property of Senior Donald Trump, the worst person on the planet and probably the devil.

I touched down to news of Pope Francis' visit playing in the airport bar.  If ever there was a contrast in coverage, especially among conservatives.

I find it beyond astounding that so-called "values voters" could ever support the likes of Trump, while disregarding and even criticizing the words of the Pope.

If ever there was a contrast in serving Mammon versus serving God, it was truly on display,

I think the rising candidacy of the sulfurous Trump is the final nail for ever believing a word of Conservatives' so-called morality.  Radical conservative values have brought this country to a stand-still amid stunning hypocrisy.  Even the soon-to-be ex-House Speaker Boehner railed against these "false prophets." Perhaps Boehner is more effective as a martyr than speaker, but his words are tell-tale.

If you hold the symbol of greed itself, the intolerant Trump up as the standard-bearer for your party, you have become the epitome of morally bankrupt.

If you disregard the Pope's moral authority on vital matters facing the 21st century like climate change and the migration of refugees while ascribing to the values of the Donald, you have no base to stand on and lecture America about values.

The mantle of values does not belong to conservative ideology, and never was that more apparent that the juxtaposition of the fortunes and favor of these two emblematic men.

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