Wednesday, August 12, 2015

This is what I do

I can't rap.  I can't sing.  I can't DJ.  I can't dance.  I can't make beats.  I can't play mbira, guitar or even triangle.  I am pretty non-musically inclined.

But what I can do is build the space for different cultures to connect through music.

This is what I do: I play architect for quixotic cultural diplomacy.

As any good public diplomacy knight-errant should.

From Teao (aka DJ Offerings) of Audiopharmacy, who recorded this cultural diplo session:

"Meditation Prescription: This was a live 18 minute jam we did at the main stage at the Nafasi Art Space in Dar Es Salaam, Africa 2 nights ago. All beatbox, scratches, electronic drums, keys, and some percussion by duo- Yako 440 and Dj Offerings (aka Teao Sense), Live traditional African instruments by Msafiri Zawose and his family of musicians. (Percussion, Vocals, Marimba, Bass, and 3 ilimba's (thumb pianos)) Thanks to "Next Level" for bringing us out and thank you for listening. One!"

Public diplomacy is the…projection in the international arena of the values and ideas of the public…. the aim of the practice of public diplomacy is not to convince but to communicate, not to declare but to listen. Public diplomacy seeks to build a sphere in which diverse voices can be heard in spite of their various origins, distinct values and often contradictory interests. 
-Professor Manuel Castells, University of Southern California

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